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Graduated in Physiotherapy at University of medicine ,Siena – Italy. I have always widened my knowledge. I have followed 4 years training in Shiatsu massage in 1990. To broaden my vision of the human being, I followed 3 years training in Systemic Family Therapy and 3 years in Aid Relationship. I worked also with children and babies as a Physical Therapist and as Relational Psychomotor Therapist in Italy, Belgium, and Africa. I taught Shiatsu for beginners in Italy and Belgium. I work in Italian, English and French

Techniques Practiced:

Shiatsu Therapy
Shiatsu Technique involves stretching, holding and learning body weight into various part of the recipient’s body to improve energy flow, blood circulation, flexibility and posture. Pressure and contact is applied through the hands, thumbs, fingers, forearm , knees and feet with the recipient sit-ing or lying in various positions. The therapy is focused alone specific “Channels (meridians) of a subtle body energy called Ki. Ki is the life force which sustain every activity of the body, mind and Spirit. Although Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure”, the spirit of Shiatsu is one of communication through touch.

Aid Relationship 
The aid relationship seeks to promote growth, development, maturity, better functioning and greater capacity to face life. ■ This approach was developed by Carl Rogers, psychologist, pedagogue and researcher. He belongs to the current of humanistic psychology. He developed the important concept of the person-centred approach. The fundamental attitudes in the aid relationship: • The emphatic • The unconditional positive regard • The congruence

It helps to rebalance the body’s energies with emotional issues. It’s based on acupuncture principles .

Baby Massage
Baby massage alleviate colics, reduce crying and fussiness. it helps the baby to sleep more peacefully and make him/her to perceive the totality of the body.

Adults, children, babies
​Therapist/coach in personal development. Stress/ burn out/ demotivation / professional re-orientation/ conflicts management, phobias, migraine headaches . Babies with colics , sleep problems, parents/child bonding problems.





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Flavia Sparice